AdventureSmith Small-Ship Cruises to Baja

Feeling the chill? Why not pack up the kids and head for the sun this winter aboard an AdventureSmith Explorations small-ship cruise to Baja? Think of it as the North American version of the Galapagos — but a lot closer. One of three new programs the company is launching this winter, the itinerary gives passengers […]

The Best Cruise Lines for Family Cabins

As anyone who has ever looked into booking a cruise, especially on a more exclusive and upscale cruise line, knows, finding a ship with great family accommodations can be a real pain. Although cruises tend to be packed to the gills with activities and ways to spend time outside of the cabin, making sure you […]

World’s Most Luxurious Ship Sails in 2019

Upgrade your family vacation in the New Year with a voyage on the world’s most luxurious vessel: Regent Seven Sea’s Seven Seas Explorer. Making its first voyage to South America, the Seven Seas Explorer is a ship full of firsts. Welcoming a myriad of new excursions to the already full docket of voyages, including Northern […]

Greener Arctic Expeditions

For families seeking adventure and exploration through polar waters and remote locales, Hurtigruten is a top name in the business. While the largest cruise line of its kind with more than 125 years of experience, Hurtigruten offers intimate and immersive treks through incredible destinations, including Norway, Greenland, the Northwest Passage, Svalbard, Antarctica and Arctic Canada, […]

Chef Curtis Stone On Board With Princess Cruises

While several Food Network A-listers and renowned restaurateurs left their mark on various cruise lines with fine-dining venues and special culinary programs, Australian-born and Los Angeles-based Curtis Strong (whose many television credits include Top Chef Masters and Top Chef Jr.) was approached by Princess Cruises executive Gordon Ho to consider putting his stamp on the […]

Cruise Chicago With the Family

Love the idea of river cruising with the kids but don’t want to spend the time or money to fly everyone to Europe or take a week off from work? Or maybe you’ve never taken a cruise before and just want to dip your toe into the experience before signing up for something longer and […]