Top 6 Handheld Foods to Try in Amsterdam

While strolling the Canal District of Amsterdam, indulge in a mobile culinary experience, with a top pick from one of Amsterdam’s best eateries. Frites Many French fry stands boast long lines, but the satisfying experience at the end makes the wait well worth it. Try Vlaams Fraterhuis Vleminckx for fresh, homemade fries served in a […]

Great Flower Destinations for a Family European Spring Getaway

If you thought the Rose Bowl was something, California has nothing on the Netherlands when it comes to Bloemencorso, the fragrant 42-kilometer festival route from Noordwijk to Haarlem. Twenty floats and 30 lavishly decorated cars (colorfully decked in tulips, of course, but also hyacinths and daffodils) parade annually for this colorful spectacle that also passes […]

Amsterdam Hotels Will Make You Want to Go Dutch

Unlike its glitzier European cousins like Paris and Rome, Amsterdam often gets the short straw when it comes to images of glamorous holidays. But there’s plenty of design inspiration to be had at several new or reimagined hotels here — remember, this is where Dutch Masters like Rembrandt and Vermeer made their magic, after all. […]

Go Dutch: Amsterdam Offers Arts, Eats, Action for the Family

Forget its “red” and “green” reputation — with cheese tastings, bicycles aplenty, great museums, working windmills, easy transportation and fun daytrips, Amsterdam and its environs are a great destination to explore with the family for a few days (especially in spring’s tulip season!). Navigating to Amsterdam city center from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is a breeze […]

Underground Cities

Underground cities are some of the most unique places to visit around the world. They have existed for centuries all over the world and served many different purposes. Some were built as places of refuge from invaders, while others, like Underground Montreal in Canada, were built as refuge from harsh weather conditions. Others were built […]

Convivial and Quirky

by Becca Hensley Diaphanous, the mist rises from the Amstel River like smoke conjured from a magic wand. Cold, we huddle on the leather seats of our snug, centuries-old saloon boat. It’s outfitted with the aplomb of a proud sailor, with shiny bits of brass and dark wood. Our bearded captain, stereotypically nautical, seems an […]