What’s New at the LA Zoo

A day at the zoo is a family favorite when it comes to spending time together and having fun. Exotic animals, sweet treats and the chance to make furry friends at the petting zoo are some of the major draws to any zoo, but the Los Angeles Zoo is stepping up its game with the […]

Safe Family Travel in Argentina

For families seeking outdoor adventure and active itineraries while surrounded by endless, rugged beauty, Argentina should be on your list. Ahead of your family trip, no matter the destination, one top-of-mind concern you’ll always have is safety. Whether your kids are a young bunch or older crowd, you’re always going to worry about them — […]

What to Know Before Visiting an Elephant Sanctuary

While one of the more popular activities in Thailand and across Asia, choosing a wildlife sanctuary or animal rescue park can be half the battle, but worth every minute of planning. Narrowing down your choices to the best one for your family is just the first step. Next, you have to pack and prepare the […]

Responsible Elephant Sanctuaries in Thailand

Thailand is a hot spot for traveling families seeking culture, serene natural beauty and incredible experiences. One of the more popular ways to spend the day, alongside enjoying local cuisine, is spending quality time with elephants. Whether feeding, washing or just visiting, elephants get a lot of attention from tourists. Being a trendy attraction for […]

A Safari of Learning Through one of America’s Last Frontiers

There’s more to the American West than cowboys, Native American history and horses. If you get far enough out, there are opportunities to view species of North American wildlife in natural habitats, view constellations with an astronomer in unspoiled night skies, or hike and run along challenging trails. For these reasons alone, Jackson Hole is […]

Family Fun in Molokai

If you are looking for an authentic island experience when you visit Hawai’i, make plans to hop over to Molokai. This Hawai’ian island is considered “Hawaiian by Nature,” and it is an island that remains true to its roots. That being said, visitors will not find large resorts or fine dining on Molokai, but rather […]