What to Do With Kids on Prince Edward Island

You might know Prince Edward Island for its famously sought-after fresh shellfish, like oysters and mussels; as the home of Anne of Green Gables; or, perhaps, your family doesn’t know the area well enough at all. The beautiful island is comprised of hundreds of miles of stunning beaches, a blossoming foodie scene and top-notch family-friendly activities.

Known as Canada’s smallest province and the heart of the foodie culture, the island offers hundreds of thousands of acres of farmland to back up its reputation. With so many incredible farms, all offering unique and diverse expertise, families can enjoy a chic vacation on the beach, but with the rural, small-town twist of a farmhouse visit. Learn to cook with the kids, shuck oysters or visit adorably friendly livestock on your next visit to the island.

Just like Anne of Green Gables

Beginning with one of the more well-known details of the island, fans of Anne of Green Gables may have already made their way for a literary pilgrimage. If your family is newly acquainted to the novel or would rather learn about it through experience, visitors can experience the story through The Table’s Anne’s Picnic. This experience includes a cooking class, where all ages can learn and practice together, with an outdoor picnic to follow. Add to the experience with a ticket purchase for the musical Anne of Green Gables, or pay a visit to Green Gables Heritage Place. There is also the Anne of Green Gables Museum, opening in May, and a carriage ride past the Lake of Shining Waters.

House of Green Gables.

House of Green Gables. Photo: Natalia Bratslavsky – Dreamstime.com

Oh, Shucks!

Learn how to shuck oysters with the kids with the Valley Pearl Oysters’ Get Shucked tour. Play fisherman for the day and gather the shellfish from the bottom of the sea with professional tools, bring them back to the processing plant and practice shucking your own oysters. Your family will learn all about the tonging process and get to taste world-renowned oysters. Experiences are available during peak season, July 1–Sept. 30, for $90 a person.

Island Hill Farms

Island Hill Farms is possibly the cutest place in the area, and has been since 1989. Bring the kids to the adorable estate and visit resident alpacas, goats, miniature donkeys, bunny rabbits and roosters. If you go during the cooler weather, you may see the baby goats wearing warm sweaters and snuggling up to visitors. Learn all about farm life out on the land and come back to the homestead for some handmade soaps and keepsakes to take home. The farm is open daily and only $6.50 per child (ages 2–4) and $10 per adult to enter.