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10 Road Trip Games

by Mary Melnick

Jun 23, 2020

Photo: Ellinnur Bakarudin | Dreamstime.com


With more families driving to their next destination, here is a list of fun games to play on a road trip with your friends or family.



This classic road trip game will have you entertained while driving. Spot something either in the car or outside (that isn’t going away for a while) and start giving clues to fellow passengers. Have them call out guesses and see who can guess it first — the winner picks the next object.


Alphabet Game

While driving along the road, keep an eye out the window to find letters in words starting with letters in alphabetical order. Play the game as a group or split into teams and see which team can get through the alphabet the fastest.


License Plate Game

This game can last throughout the whole car ride. Everyone has to be on the lookout for cars with license plates from all 50 states. You can play as a team and see how many you can find or make it competitive and have everyone keep track of the states they see — once you reach the destination see who has the most!


20 Questions

Twenty questions is a fun game and really makes you think. Have someone think of an object, person, animal or mineral, then have the rest of the passengers ask a series of yes or no questions in order to figure out what the person is thinking. Let everyone take turns answering the questions so everyone gets a try.



You can’t have a road trip without a classic sing-a-long. Depending on how long the road trip is, make set times for a sing-a-long, put on your favorite music and let everyone belt it out. If the trip is on the longer side, make the sing-a-longs themed, like Disney music, throwback tunes, etc.


Going on a Picnic

One person begins the game saying, “I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing …” the first object has to start with an A (ex. an apple); the next person says the same thing, including the item the first person is bringing; and adds an object to the list, but the object has to start with a B. Take turns going through the alphabet to see who can remember the most.



Choose something in the car to be “stolen” and pick a family member to be the detective, have them close their eyes so you can select the thief. Once every one knows who the thief is, the detective can open their eyes. The detective then goes around asking each person where they were at the time of the crime, and each person has to come up with a believable alibi. The detective has three guesses to guess who the thief is.



Get to know your kids a little better by asking them hypothetical questions, such as “if you had a superpower what would it be?” and similar topics. See who has the best answer and reasoning.



The goal of this game is to not be the person who says 24; if you do, you’re out. Here’s how you play: One person starts at one and can either stop there or go up to three, you go around the group and each person can say one–three numbers in order for the group to get closer to 24. The trick is you have to be aware of what number you’re on to get the people around you to 24. Once the group gets to 24, the person it lands on is out and the rest of the group goes until there is one left standing.


Travel Scavenger Hunt/Bingo

If you have time before you leave for the trip, create a list of popular items you’d see on a road trip, like a type of car, street sign, a truck, etc., and have the kids check them off as they go. You could either put them in a list form for a scavenger hunt or create them into different bingo cards and see who will hit bingo first. This will keep the kids looking out the window and distracted for a good amount of time.


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