5 Facebook Groups for Family Travelers

The rise of family blogs and booking engines make it easier than ever to book your next family vacation, but also leads to a debilitating case of analysis paralysis. Where should you go? Where should you stay? Who do you ask for advice? Instead of piecing together online reviews on your own, go straight to a community of encouraging family travelers on a platform you use the most. Facebook groups are a goldmine for families trying to navigate the online world that is all things travel.

Family Travel Inspiration

Family Travel Inspiration was designed for families from all corners of the globe who love to travel and want to share that experience of wanderlust with their children. The group shies away from advertising or spam and focuses on specific tips and advice for family travelers in an open and communal atmosphere. Dozens of posts are shared each day with more than 100 new members joining daily.

Luxe Family Trips

Luxury family travelers take note, Luxe Family Trips gives parents a place to discuss and ask for advice on their favorite luxury hotels and destinations. Robin Hutson of Luxe Recess, Kirsten Maxwell of Kids Are A Trip and Sarah Pittard of Solo Mom Takes Flight moderate this group to share their expert tips and share their knowledge on the luxury travel circuit.

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Family Travel Club

Join the club and get advice on all things family travel at the Family Travel Club. Members join from around the world and share insights on their favorite spots from Disney to the road less traveled in Central America and beyond. Recent requests asked for advice on taking kids to the Galapagos for a family adventure.

The Family Travel Group

Globemad Adventure Travel encourages adventurous families obsessed with travel and looking to get advice to share their tears, mishaps and vent. The #NeverStopTravelling symbolizes the philosophy on getting back on the road and seeing the world with kids in tow.

Families Who Love Travel

Whether you want to get insights about where to stay with a family of five or meet up with other family travelers as you slow travel around the world, Families Who Love Travel focuses on each other and the art of being awesome. Hosted by the creators of Flashpacker Family, members rank in the thousands and represent states and countries around the world.

Once you find the right Facebook group for you, dive in and start sharing your own insights and get motivated to start traveling. You might even decide to start your own.