A Multi-Generational Trip to Dubai

A trip to Dubai with different generations within your family can be a lot of fun. Take some time before your visit to see what the destination has to offer, and give everyone a chance to choose at least one activity they’d like to try whilst in the United Arab Emirates. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Go Old School

Spend some time in Dubai’s Old Town and you will be surrounded by the painstakingly restored Al Fahiki Historical Neighbourhood and its buildings made of gypsum and coral. It is here in the Old Town you will find the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding, where “visitors get a better understanding of the culture and customs of the UAE.” Here you can enjoy a traditional Emirati breakfast, lunch or dinner; and take part in Arabic classes, heritage tours and guided mosque visits. SMCCU’s motto is “Open Doors, Open Minds,” and as they say, “all questions are welcome and answered, no matter how sensitive they are.” What a terrific learning opportunity for all generations in the family!

In Bloom

It may be hard to imagine, but more than 45 million blooming flowers can be found in the middle of the Dubai desert … at Dubai Miracle Garden. While the adults in your family will enjoy wandering amongst the blooms, including the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest flower arrangement, kids will be awed at the houses and buildings made of flowers and the more than 35,000 butterflies that live in nine custom-built domes in the aptly named Butterfly Garden. Note: Dubai Miracle Garden is open seasonally.

Dubai miracle garden

© Thomas Jurkowski | Dreamstime.com

Shop, but Don’t Drop

While shopping is not something that usually appeals to the youngest generation in a multigenerational group, everyone will find something to keep them entertained when shopping for souvenirs. More than 100 vendors show up during the winter months to showcase their wares three days a week at Ripe Market in Zabeel Park. Here you will find locally made gourmet treats, as well as locally made jewelry. Or, add some spice to you and your friends’ lives and visit the Spice Souk in Old Dubai, where scents of cinnamon, saffron and frankincense waft through the air. For some bling, check out the nearby gold and textile souks.

However your family chooses to spend your time in Dubai, you will certainly find something that appeals to everyone, and will create memories all of you will carry home with you.