Just Another Day in Paradise

You know you’re having a good time on vacation when you and the kids aren’t ready to come home. But, as every budget-conscious parent knows, tacking an extra day onto your getaway can make a serious dent in your wallet. With this in mind, Hilton Hotels and Resorts in Hawai’i are giving travelers who book […]

Bring the Family to Warsaw

Though 84 percent of Warsaw was leveled to the ground during World War II, the capital city’s 1.7 million residents rebuilt their home with their hard-working tradition and sense of humor. And though the city has had its share of hardships, Warsaw is filled with experiences the entire family will enjoy. Back in the 1600s, […]

Luxury Ways to Observe Romance Awareness Month

Did you know August is the official month of Romance Awareness? Princess Cruises did, as well they should after serving as set and co-star of The Love Boat for 14 years. The luxury cruise line offers a myriad of ways, year-round, to enjoy a couple’s retreat, but the added interest in the Caribbean for destination […]

Making Conn-ections with 3 Locations in 3 Days

Anyone who was a kid in the 1980s is likely familiar with Miss Rumphius, the titular children’s book character who was a global traveler determined to make the world a more beautiful place by planting flowers. Anyone who’s driven through Killingworth, Connecticut, is likely familiar with a couple doing just that at Lavender Pond Farm, […]

Over the Rainbow: The Saguaro Palm Springs

Roughly a decade ago, several of Palm Springs’ favorite old-school haunts, such as The Avalon Hotel, received a fresh coat of “Hollywood Regency” glamour that would make Frank Sinatra and his fellow mid-20th-century Rat Pack swoon. And baby, it was hardly the kind of “retirement” scene people once associated with the desert community two hours […]

Get the Family Ready for These Road Trips

Life can be about a journey, not a destination, on a classic road trip. A quintessential part of Americana, there’s much to see, sea to shining sea. Could there be anything more classic than Route 66? At one point stretching 2,448 miles from Chicago, Illinois, to Santa Monica, California, the roadway may have changed a […]