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Driving the Ring of Kerry with the Family

by Holly Riddle

Nov 15, 2019

Lisalantrip | Dreamstime.com

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Planning to drive Ireland’s iconic Ring of Kerry with the family? Make sure you keep these tips in mind as you plan for your upcoming adventure.


Brush Up on the Rules of the Road

What’s more stressful than driving in a new country, on a different side of the road, under different driving laws? Doing so with children chattering away (or potentially screaming) in the backseat. The roads around the Ring of Kerry can get hairy. There are narrow, one-lane roads that require oncoming traffic to back up until you reach a spot where you can pass, as well as highways perched precariously on windy, ocean cliff sides. Do yourself a favor and brush up on your knowledge of Irish traffic laws before your trip and definitely reserve a vehicle with an automatic transmission when renting.


Plan, Plan, Plan

There’s no real one, true guide to the Ring of Kerry. There’s no particular list out there that tells you every single stop on the Ring. There’s just the Ring and then there are seemingly endless stops you could make and everyone has their own idea as to which are worthwhile. So, do your research and pick out the stops you want to make, whether you want to see all the scenic vistas, visit all the cool ruins or stop in all the seaside towns. Trying to pick out your stops the day of your travel will only lead to unneeded stress.


Scenic stop along the Ring of Kerry, Ireland. Photo: Ian Mitchinson | Dreamstime.com


When in Doubt, Stop

Do you have an opportunity for a potty break? Take the potty break. Some stretches of the Ring of Kerry will lead you to out-of-the-way, rural areas where there aren’t really any options. So, if you or anyone in your party feels the need for a restroom run or snack stop, and you have an option available, take it.


Take Your Time

It can be tempting to try to cram the Ring of Kerry into a day or two, especially if you’re trying to see other parts of Ireland during your trip. It can also be tempting to try to rush through stops on the route in an attempt to see as much as possible. However, do your best to take your time. It’s nearly impossible to see every possible point of interest on the Ring, so pick the ones you can feasibly see and then take the time to enjoy them. If you can, plan to travel around the Ring for a few days. This will give you the opportunity to see more while you stay in some of the picturesque shore towns, and you won’t feel as rushed.


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