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Affordable Ways to Get Around Florida

by Angelique Platas

Jul 26, 2019

Jillian Cain | Dreamstime.com


Experience Sir Richard Branson’s vision for train travel onboard Brightline, also known as Virgin Trains USA rail. Whether the kids are exploring Florida’s hot spots on their own and need an efficient way to traverse the new locale or you have the whole family in tow and need a ride, there are a few reasons train travel should be on your radar for your next Florida vacation.

Special Tour Deals

This train line boasts various tours and unique, limited-time offers your family might enjoy taking advantage of. The kids can meet their favorite good guys on Superhero Saturdays and parents will love that the little ones ride free all summer and the various other holiday specials throughout the year.


While the train line began as a fun, affordable way for young professionals and tourists to get to and from hot spots in Florida, it’s also a great way to navigate different cruise ports. Get the kids from the airport to the cruise ship and back along a scenic rail ride.

Brightline high-speed train, departing Fort Lauderdale

Brightline high-speed train, departing Fort Lauderdale. Photo: Felix Mizioznikov | Dreamstime.com

See More for Less

Enjoy travel through Florida without all the driving a typical family vacation would entail. Explore Miami, with direct stops at the stadium for Miami Marlins games, or lounge on the sandy beaches of West Palm Beach. Take advantage of the train’s easy access through the state’s must-see locales, and save further with Lyft discount combos. Explore the city, day or night, like a local.

Travelers can hop on and ride to and from West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Miami for the trifecta of Florida nightlife and airport access. Don’t forget, kids ride free, but everyone else pays $10–30 a ticket, depending on class of seat. Rides range 35–90 minutes.

Fly and Ride

Families can easily land at Fort Lauderdale’s airport, spend some time enjoying the city, or hop on the train and head to the iconic shores of West Palm Beach and stroll the artsy streets of Miami, or all of the above.

Enjoy fun shopping, dining, beach life and night moves in a different city, every day. Traveling by railway is a throwback way to see a new destination, while savoring the ride. Hop around the Sunshine State with the kids like a road trip, but you don’t have to navigate, drive or stop for gas. It’s an all-around win.


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