Airlines with the Best Perks for Traveling Children

Traveling with kids can be a stressful hassle and even more so if you’re traveling by plane. Many children don’t do well with the airport waiting, cramped spaces and requirement to stay in one spot for multiple hours. However, a few airlines make it easier on traveling parents than others with these cool perks for kids.


While Etihad is known for its luxurious flight experiences for parents in business class, did you know your children could benefit from the business-class treatment as well? Etihad offers a flying nanny on long-haul trips that will meet you at the gate and then help you keep your kids wrangled and entertained from boarding time to bedtime. Additionally, there are plenty of entertainment options for kids in the in-flight system and every child over 3 receives an amenity kit with games, activity books and stickers.


Likewise, Emirates is another Middle Eastern carrier that puts kids first when it comes to business class. Amenity kits for infants include bibs, a blanket and more. There are also changing tables in the bathrooms. Older kids get an amenity kit developed by Lonely Planet, with books and crafts. If you happen to pass through Dubai, you’ll enjoy priority boarding and a complimentary stroller service.

EVA Air's Hello Kitty Plane

EVA Air’s Hello Kitty Plane © Mike Fuchslocher |


These perks really only apply if your child is a total Hello Kitty fan, but, if they are, you’ll for sure win a parent of the year award when you book an EVA Air flight on one of the carrier’s specially themed planes. More than 100 items across the aircraft feature Hello Kitty branding, including the food, napkins, toilet paper, barf bags, headrest covers, you name it.

On the non-Hello Kitty-themed flights, you can still enjoy a range of family-friendly amenities, like great kids’ in-flight entertainment and kid-friendly food.

All Nippon Airways

Not only does All Nippon Airways take care of its traveling families, it also goes out of its way to make expecting mothers feel extra special, too. Special meal options are available for both infants and children and you can get a range of baby items while you’re flying, from powdered milk to diapers, baby bottles to child-friendly silverware. If you have a child less than 3 years old, you’ll even get an escort through the airport to make sure you reach your connecting flight.