Baby Bags To Go

Traveling with babies and toddlers requires a lot of organization, but you already know that. While you’re packing up the kids, making lists and checking them twice, it’s still kind of a gamble on whether or not you really have everything you need for the trip. While you can’t plan for everything, you can be organized.

Created by a busy mom traveling and toting around little ones, Easy Baby Travelers is a diaper bag accessory brand you may want to know about. While you may already have your trusty travel carry-on and diaper bag, Easy Baby Travelers are the “place for everything and everything in its place” variety.

Each bag is designed to fit neatly in bags and backpacks while being organized, durable and lightweight. Bags are titled by their function, like Change Me, Dress Me and Feed Me, which can all easily slip into your bag and go anywhere.

All bags are gender neutral, so they are a great gift and can be used well after baby No. 1. The easy color coding and tags on each bag are positioned at the top so parents can easily reach down and grab what they need without having to rip through the entire bag in a hurry or in line at TSA. Each bag, known as Travelers, are made of cotton, can be spot cleaned and come in mix-and-match color sets.

Accessory bag  © Easy Baby Traveler

Accessory bag © Easy Baby Traveler

The Feed Me Traveler is insulated and holds sippy cups, bottles, perishable food and includes a

fastener handle so you can clip it on a stroller for easy access. The Dress Me, Change Me and Feed Me Travelers all measure about 10 inches by 6 inches by 5 inches and can hold a day or two’s worth of essential travel supplies — perfect to get you where you’re going and then some.

Make different lists for each bag, checking them off as you go and filling your diaper bag and carry-on. You’ll be certain you have everything you need and can easily double-check as all the bags are labeled and lay flat. Here’s how the Travelers can help:

New Orleans Seersucker Powder Blue Backpack

New Orleans Seersucker Powder Blue Backpack © Easy Baby Traveler

Feed Me Traveler: Pack your bottles, food, formula, burp cloths, bibs and anything else you may need at feeding time. Don’t go crazy with the perishables in transit, but know the insulation will keep the fresher food safe for longer than a typical diaper bag.

Change Me Traveler: Include all the diapers, wipes, napkins and any creams and ointments you may need into this bag. Keep the creams on the smaller side as you can always replenish when you get to your destination. This way, you’ll have more room for essentials.

Dress Me Traveler: This one should include any change of clothes your little one might need during travel days. You don’t need full outfits for photo ops, but you will need change of onesies, tops, bottoms, socks, sweaters and anything you can easily layer on and off between cold flights and overheated airports.