Banyan Tree Launches a New Club for Tiny Travelers

Luxury travel provider Banyan Tree, which specializes in high-end, elegant and eco-friendly getaways in exotic locations, unveiled its new children’s program earlier in the year. The Rangers’ Club replaces the previous Kids’ Club and is expected to be available at all Banyan Tree properties by January 2019. So, what can you and your family expect when staying at one of these posh resorts?

The new Rangers’ Club is geared toward children 4 to 11 years old, with the goal of instilling early awareness of sustainability and ethical tourism. However, it’s hardly a boring experience, though it is educational. Kids learn through activities which engage all five of their senses, to learn about not only sustainability, but also outdoor exploration, adventures, the destination of the property and the natural world.

Children are immediately accepted into the Rangers’ Club upon check-in, when they receive a Rangers’ Club passport. As they complete activities throughout the stay, they’ll receive stamps — an exciting challenge!

Stamps can be acquired as they explore their surroundings with activities facilitated by the on-site Rangers’ Club staff. Then, once children collect five of these passport stamps, they’ll be able to exchange them for a gift.

The Ranger’s Club mascot is Felly the Turtle, which you may recognize from some other Banyan Tree promotions. Felly has become a worldwide mascot for the brand. The little guy boasts an impressive origin story — hatching in 2004 as one of only 30 surviving eggs out of 150 laid during a storm in the Maldives.

In conjunction with the kick off of the new Rangers’ Club, the Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts Group’s Angsana brand is launching a Live for Family promotion, which you can take advantage of through varying dates, depending on the property. At all properties, the package includes free dining for kids and massage treatments for the parents.

The Live for Family promotion is available at Angsana properties in Hangzhou, Fuxian Lake, Xian Lintong, Lăng Cô, Zhuhai Phoenix Bay, Bintan, Ihuru, Phuket, Mauritius and Velavaru.

The new Rangers’ Club will be welcome news to globe-trotting families, especially as the brand continues to open new properties around the world. Banyan Tree Residences, Hillside Dubai is expected to open in September as a residential resort, and two new-build resorts are planned for Queensland’s Lindeman Island, including an eco-resort and a beach resort, alongside luxury residential villas.