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Beach/Resort Towns for Your Winter Travel

by Angelique Platas

Dec 2, 2019

Joseph Esser | Dreamstime.com


Don’t put away your warm-weather clothing and sandals just yet; plan that winter vacation around sandy beaches and sunshine and soak in that last bit of vitamin D before the long winter.


Pack up the kids, beach bags and sunscreen and escape the winter winds with these always reliable beach towns.


San Juan, Puerto Rico

Old San Juan. Photo: WILFREDO Motta | Dreamstime.com

With historic landmarks, family-friendly beach resorts around every corner, incredible nightlife for the adults and stunning beaches for everyone, San Juan is an easy go-to for snowbirds. Visit Puerto Rico’s capital city in the winter for all the same great history, culture, food and warm weather you get in the summer, but without the crowds or sweltering days.


Oahu, Hawai’i

A real obvious choice, sure, but you can’t make a list of winter-ready beach towns without mentioning at least one Hawai’ian island — and why not make it the one with an iconic beach. Stay in Honolulu for easy access to everything, or venture out to one of the lesser-known beach towns. Enjoy the world-famous waves of Waikiki beach, incredible sunshine and breathtaking natural beauty — completely snow free.


Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Myrtle Beach is a resort town on South Carolina’s coast, famous with golfers and beach bums, and we are willing to bet your family has at least one of the two. Hit the boardwalk in winter, lounge on the beach and ride one of the country’s tallest Ferris wheel, Sky Wheel, while your winter jackets hang in the closet.


Key West, Florida

About 90 miles north of Cuba, off Florida’s peninsula, Key West is a bubbly, fun Florida island and the perfect departure from a cold northern winter. Enjoy island life and slow down a bit between family meals, diving excursions, snorkeling and a slew of warm-weather activities the kids can enjoy.


South Padre Island, Texas

Another southern island you should know, South Padre Island is well-known in the nature-loving world, with sea turtle rescues and nature preserves. This locale is a great stop for animal lovers and beach seekers alike, with plenty of opportunity for wild diversions.


Of course, check the weather before you go and plan for winter delays from your hometown, but for the most part, these cities are some of the most trustworthy beach towns for your winter family travels.


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