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Best Sporting Events for Traveling with the Kids

by Holly Riddle

Feb 17, 2018

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While taking your kids to an all-American baseball game is a classic summer activity, if you’ve got a budding sports fan on your hands, there’s plenty of extra sporting events you can fit into your travels to ensure your child has a vacation they’ll never forget. Start building the memories now, with some of these bucket list-worthy games and events they’ll be talking about for years to come.


Little League World Series

What’s better than giving your little slugger a taste of what they could accomplish with a bit of hard work and good luck? The Little League World Series takes place in Williamsport, Pa., and welcomes 16 teams from around the globe. The town goes all out for the August event, throwing the Annual Grand Slam Parade. Be sure to stop by the Little League Museum while you’re in town, too. This one event will have them asking to join their own team as soon as they get back home. The event takes place Aug. 16–26.


A Game at Your Alma Mater

Most colleges have at least one good sports team. Take a road trip back to your alma mater with the kids to let them see your team at their best. Whether it’s tailgating before the big football game or following the basketball team through March Madness, sharing personal experiences and traditions from your college days will give your kids a glimpse at who you were before you became “dad” or “mom.” Plus, for teens, it’s the perfect way to extend a college visit into a weekend getaway.


Texas Longhorns Football game

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The Winter X Games

This annual extreme sports event just closed for the year, so start planning for 2019. The thrilling mix of high-adrenaline sports is just the thing to make you seem a little cooler in your preteen’s eyes, while you both cheer on the best of the best in risky, extravagant displays of talent on the slopes.


Olympic Games

The pinnacle of all sporting events, if you can get to the Olympic Games, you should. Beyond the myriad of sports to discover, the energy of the event itself is something to remember. There’s nothing quite like being part of the focal point of the entire world, seeing live what’s keeping so many others glued to the television.


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