Big Activities for Little Ones in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires may be known as the cosmopolitan city and capital of Argentina, boasting incredible nightlife, art, culture, cuisine and history, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave the kiddos at home. For all the adult-friendly action the city has to offer, it has just as many toddler-friendly attractions and activities, too.

Get Hands On

Located in the Abasto Shopping Center, Museo de los Niños is like a city in and of itself, specifically designed for the smallest travelers in your group. Museo de los Niños offers interactive activities for kids ages 12 and younger. Watch as the little ones learn and explore through educational exhibits. They can fill up at the kid-sized gas station, load up the just-my-size grocery cart, press all the buttons they can find and jump around in various romp-rooms.

Another please-touch locale the little ones will love, Participative Science Museum is perfect for curious travelers. They can touch, grab and experience each exhibit, all while learning about mechanics, natural energy, light art and technology — among many other things.

Just for Show

For something both you and the kids can enjoy together, but a lot less hands-on, the Argentine Natural Science Museum is housed in a beautiful, ornate building from the 1800s at the center of the picturesque city park, Parque Centenario. Once inside, explore all the exhibits on marine life and various mammals, paleontology and geology — tours through the reptile, bird and mammal rooms are available all weekend.

Take in a show at a local theater, or plan your trip along with the weekly gaucho performances of Feria de Mataderos. Performed Sundays, 11 a.m.–8 p.m., in the Mataderos neighborhood, watch as men on horseback ride through town while local artisans sell crafts, ponchos, leather goods and silver while other vendors sell Argentinian cuisine.

Zoo in Buenos Aires, Argentina © Volodymyr Dubovets |

Zoo in Buenos Aires, Argentina © Volodymyr Dubovets |

Get Outside

Buenos Aires may be a city, but it is definitely not lacking in green space. Visit wildlife at the Temaiken Zoo and let the little ones feed the smaller residents and livestock, or stroll along the city streets with the kids, shopping and dining.

Whatever you do, definitely make a day of it at a local park. Each of the many city parks offer green, open landscape littered with interesting monuments and historic landmarks. Between the family-friendly fun, fresh air and interesting attractions, choosing a park closer to city center or the ocean will be your only trouble.

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