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Black-Owned Travel Essentials Companies

by Mary Melnick

Jul 10, 2020

Photo: Milkos | Dreamstime.com


Packing for a trip can be stressful — making sure you have all the travel essentials. Don’t always rely on nearest store or mall for your travel needs, check out these Black-owned travel essentials companies.



While traveling in the summer, to a beach or an island somewhere, sunscreen is a necessity. Katonya Breaux founded Unsun in 2016 after she was frustrated with the lack of clean sunscreen products for women of color. The clean, no-residue products were made to be kind to the person using it as well as to the environment.


The Traveling Esquire

Attorney, global foodie and world traveler Tyra Hughley Smith created The Traveling Esquire as a way to share her travel experiences, tips and favorite destinations and adventures. Find one-of-a-kind travel accessories, such as luggage tags, passport covers, travel-themed t-shirts and mugs and much more.


Blended Designs

Blended Designs is a 100 percent, Black-owned family business located in Jacksonville, Florida. Casey, the founder, started the company to create and sell products with a positive message; she was inspired to encourage others to love themselves. Whether you are looking for luggage, backpacks or apparel, this is the place to shop.


Jade Swim

Brittany Kozerski takes pride in designing unique, yet simple swimsuits for women of all ages, shapes, sizes and color. The bathing suits are designed with luxe fabric with shape retention technology to smooth and sculpt the body. Jade Swim is a little more on the expansive side, but worth the money because they are durable and will last a while.


Tote & Carry

Invest in a luxurious leather travel set in a rainbow of colors. Tote & Carry’s co-founders Anthony Dennis and Tony Rey create any type of travel bag from crossbodys to a messenger bag to duffels to backpacks. Get a matching set or just one bag in any color you can imagine. Tote & Carry also sells hats and face masks.


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