Celebrating Valentine’s Day With Young Kids

Depending on whom you ask, February probably ranks as one of the worst months of the year. The air is still frigid, it is still dark for too much of the day, and spring is still several weeks away. Regardless, February means Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day can be different things for different age groups. Couples use the day as an excuse to flaunt their love while parents often use the chance to buy heart-shaped candies for kids. Although your kids might be too young to have a relationship, there are still ways for them to celebrate Valentine’s Day in an age-appropriate manner.

Consider getting your child a set of Valentine’s Day cards to fill out and bring to school. This is a huge market in the United States and, all over the country, kids bring cards and candy to share with friends. This can also be a great chance for kids to learn the importance of including their classmates and others in fun, even if they don’t particularly like someone in their class.

Valentine's Day Crafts for Class © Zoia Lukianova | Dreamstime.com

Valentine’s Day Crafts for Class © Zoia Lukianova | Dreamstime.com

At home, parents can use the holiday as an example to teach kids about history. Everyone knows Valentine’s Day was actually inspired by St. Valentine, but few know the story. Lots of children receive cursory overviews in elementary school, so teaching children about the history behind the candy- and card-laden tradition can give them a step up when teachers go over it in class.

Academics and empathy aside, Valentine’s Day is just a fun excuse to give your kids some candy. There are many ways to celebrate, and they are not limited to sweets. Take a trip to the local craft store and load up on simple and themed crafts to entertain the kids for a few hours. While every child will not be enamored by themed arts, this is a great way to occupy the ones who are and give them the chance to make their own decorations for the holiday.

If all of these options are out the window, consider watching some holiday classics. There are two different Charlie Brown specials dedicated to the holiday, including Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown (1975) and A Charlie Brown Valentine (2002). These family-friendly classics hold up and do a great job conveying the meaning of Valentine’s Day to audiences of every age.