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Create Art as a Family at Shot of Art in Los Angeles

by Eugenia Lazaris

May 16, 2023

© Andreaobzerova | Dreamstime.com

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Los Angeles certainly isn’t in short supply of fun ways for family travelers to spend time together, but, these days, families look for more than the standard amusement park and beautiful beach for entertainment. Creative options letting families express creativity while bonding with one another are becoming increasingly popular, making activities like Shot of Art an ideal choice for your next visit to the City of Angels.


Shot of Art is a unique art studio that lets visitors explore a variety of unique techniques to create their very own masterpiece as a group. Groups are provided with a blank canvas and a variety of colors and mediums to create works of art. Different types of classes let visitors experiment with different mediums. For instance, the Shooting and Spinning class sees users use an airsoft gun to shoot at hanging balloons filled with different colors of paint, resulting in a unique creation every time. Other fun options include the Fluid Art class, which makes use of hair dryers and gas burners to create beautiful designs with silicone and acrylic paint.


You don’t need any artistic skills for this activity, just a healthy desire to create and have fun. Everything you need is provided by the studio, and you get to keep what you create. It takes up to four days for the paintings to dry, but don’t worry if you won’t be around long enough to pick up your artwork. The staff at Shot of Art can easily ship it home for you. They also provide protective coverings to keep your clothes from getting covered in paint.


Sessions at Shot of Art, which take approximately 45 minutes each, must be booked in advance, so be sure to plan ahead so you don’t miss out. Sessions range $165–210 for groups of up to three people, depending on the medium involved. This activity is perfect for all ages, even your little ones, but kids must be 16 or older to take part in the Shooting and Spinning Class.


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