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Family Fun on Grand Cayman Island

by Eugenia Lazaris

Mar 14, 2018

© Mikolaj64 | Dreamstime.com


Grand Cayman Island is the largest of a three-island chain that includes Little Cayman and Cayman Brac. While its smaller siblings are equally beautiful and inviting, Grand Cayman is the ideal destination for a Caribbean vacation the entire family will enjoy.

Only 22 miles long, the whole island can easily be explored in a single day; however, it packs so much fun into its small package one day isn’t nearly enough time to experience all it has to offer. Whether you are looking for outdoor adventures or world-class shopping, Grand Cayman has something for everyone.


The Caribbean is famous for its beautiful beaches and crystal-clear waters — Grand Cayman is no exception. They say swimming here is like “swimming in soup” and when you take a dip in the turquoise waters, you will agree. The waters are warm, inviting and calm, making it an ideal place for young children to enjoy some beach time. With numerous beaches around the island, visitors can head in any direction and enjoy the white, sugar sand and beautiful seascapes.

Seven Mile Beach on the western shore is perhaps the most famous of all of Grand Cayman’s beaches. Seven miles of pristine white sand and gently crashing waves makes it a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. Not only is it great for swimming, but it is ideal for walking the long stretch of beach, picnicking under a palm tree or watching the sunset with a drink in hand.

Rum Point, accessible by car or bus, is one of the most beautiful, relaxing beaches on the island — not to mention a local favorite. With palm tree-lined shores and crystal waters, it is the quintessential Caribbean beach experience. The quaint beach bar and souvenir shops are there to give you a break from basking in paradise if you need a drink or some lunch before heading back to the beach.


In Grand Cayman when someone tells you they are going to Hell, you should tag along. The little area known as Hell, located in the island’s interior, is unlike anything you will see anywhere else on Earth — hence the name! A smattering of black, jagged, limestone rock formations, tourists flock here for the unique photo opportunities and for the chance to send friends and loved ones “postcards from Hell” via the tiny, hell-themed post office.

Grand Cayman Island, Hell on Earth

© Dfikar | Dreamstime.com


The island is home to a number of incredible creatures free to roam the island as they please. Perhaps the most fascinating of all is the blue iguana. These creatures are prevalent throughout the island and can be seen crossing roads, hanging out in palm trees and wandering through bushes. These beautiful creatures are fun to watch and even more fun to photograph.

Marine life is in abundance here and there are a number of ways to view and interact with it. Stingray City is one of the most popular tourist attractions on the island. Take a boat out to the sand bar in the island’s north sound and spend the day swimming with these southern stingrays, the gentle giants of the Caribbean Sea. These friendly and fascinating creatures glide gracefully through the water and interact with visitors.

Grand Cayman Turtle Farm is a fantastic place to get up close and personal with thousands of Green Sea Turtles. Spend an entire day exploring the 23-acre marine park with its various exhibits and activities. Visitors can hold sea turtles, swim with exotic fish, see dangerous predators such as sharks and caiman or explore the touch pool filled with sea urchins and starfish. The park is not only an interactive zoo but also a research and breeding facility that works to protect these majestic creatures and many others that call the Caribbean home.

Water Sports

With incredible sea life and coral reefs, the waters surrounding Grand Cayman are some of the best in the world for snorkeling and scuba diving. Shipwrecks litter the sea bottom and create impressive dive sites easily accessible for divers of various skill levels. With more than 150 dive sites offshore, there is no shortage of fun for the divers in the family.

Paddle Boards in Grand Cayman Island

© Steve Lunn | Dreamstime.com

For those who prefer to stay above water, there are still abundant opportunities for fun on the water. Visitors can go parasailing, paddleboarding, fishing or ride jet skis, just to name a few. Entire families can go out on the water together in one of the yellow banana boats found on Seven Mile Beach. These fun and bumpy rides involve groups up to six people in an inflatable raft towed by a speed boat. The rides are fun but bumpy and don’t forget your life preserver as you are sure to end up tossed into the water by the boat operator, aiming is to flip the raft over.


When you have had your fill of outdoor fun, head to one of the island’s amazing shopping districts where you are sure to find something that will tickle your fancy. Grand Cayman has quite a reputation for off-shore banking and, with almost 600 financial establishments on the island, attracts world-class retailers creating an incredible shopping experience. Fine jewelry, watches, designer clothing, artwork and more are all waiting for you in this shopping paradise.

Shopping on the island is duty free, therefore it is an ideal place to save on luxury items you wouldn’t ordinarily splurge on. The shops are always tended by friendly staff that happily help you find something you didn’t even know you needed.


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