Family Time in Rosário, Argentina

A significant piece of Argentinian history, Rosário is a port city filled with important cultural sites and beautiful outdoor spaces. Known as the Santa Fe Providence, Rosário sits along the Paraná River and offers greenery, scenic parks and a city littered with historic monuments.

Look for a family stay somewhere near the City Park, or El Laguito, Parqu de La Independencia. This space offers not only greenery and outdoor space for the kids, but also history museums, including Museo Wladimir Mikielievvich, Museo Histórico Provincial de Rosario, Paseo del Foro de Las Colectitvades and the Juan B. Castagnino Fine Arts Museum.

Between the park and the river lies a smattering of attractions for the culture seekers in the family. Walk along visiting different small spaces, from Park Plaza San Martin to Sarmiento, enjoying the greenery, or make your way to the various attractions on your way to the river from the Dosario Distópica, Museo Provincial de Ciencias Naturals and scenic spaces such as the Fuente de las Utopías, Monumento Hostórico Nacional a la Bandera and CelChe.

Orono Boulevard © Diego Grandi |

Orono Boulevard © Diego Grandi |

Take a break from walking and introduce the kids to some Argentinian cinema with a film at El Cairo, a public theater with a lineup of unique features. If you’re more in the mood for a live show, see who is on the lineup at the Teatro la Comedia and sit in on a show.

Enjoy local fare and authentic Argentinian cuisine all over the city and stroll along the Paraná River en route to visit The National Flag Memorial. The riverside complex commemorates Argentina winning the War of Independence in the 19th century. Expect fine arts and attractions throughout the space, historically known as the site of the first flag raising celebrating Argentina’s independence.

The city is comprised of a blend of neighborhoods sandwiched between a major highway and the river, making for easy access from the airport and ample hotel selections. Shopping locales are few and far between, but there are a couple malls and shopping centers for families that may be in a bind or in need of a quick fix, but check with your hotel concierge about local markets and shops for the more in-the-know crowd.

Pro tip: Knowing a bit of the language may be a game-changer on your family trip to Rosário. The region is far less touristy than the capital city, Buenos Aires — more than a three-hour drive away — so you may run into some trouble finding English-speaking locals.