Gear for Your Family Beach Vacation

Summer entices the wanderlust in all of us. Paired with time off from school, vacation time from work and a chance to catch up before real life sets back in, it’s the most-traveled time for families. Pack a few must-haves for an easy breezy summer beach vacation.


Protect the little ones from the sun with Little Goodall. The light material, fun patterns and range of outfit styles are perfect for little travelers. Fun patterns hide messes while the easy jumpers, dresses, shorts and bonnets protect babies in the cutest way. Sun bonnets shade your baby’s face and head while offering a perfect photo-op while traveling. Made with Liberty of London cotton, each piece is light, comfortable and durable.


More for you than the kids, the Bump it Off sand duster cleans beach toys and boogie boards before loading them back up in the car. Bump it Offs are $10 and easily portable, fitting in the palm of your hand in a variety of fun colors. Let the kids choose and make cleaning fun.


Sunscreen is vital for summer travel and day-to-day activities, but teens want a tan. Compromise with Sunshine and Glitter. Shop U.S.-made lotions with fun scents like Cake and Very Berry, or opt for Awesome Sauce glitter lotion. The kids will cover themselves in 30–50 SPF, strawberry scents and glittery fun. Check out Glamour Camper and Scout SPF 50 for your outdoorsy teens, complete with natural bug repellent, water resistant, fresh wood scent and UVA/UVB protection. Products are free of chemicals and not tested on animals.

sun hat going on the beach

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Sunny days and long nights call for transitional clothing for you and your older kids. Lounge on the beach by day and head out at night with versatile pieces like a classic day-to-night hat. Margarita Diaz del Castillo millinery is for the fashion-forward crowd, specifically the Santa Sofia hat. This Spanish-style, wide-brim, woven with silk accents hat is the perfect sun protection by day and a chic hat by night — all while impressing your toughest critics.

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Feel secure bringing keys, wallet and other must-haves while traveling with Cube Tracker. Link a cube tracker to your phone or tablet for back-up and track your missing keys. Tag your travel bag, purse and everything else you may need on your trip and have its exact location on your phone in seconds. Shop cubes with replaceable batteries and a range of 100–200 feet.