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Age Specific / Teens
Sep 22, 2019

Take the Family to This Thrilling New Adventure Park in the Riviera Maya

What do you do when the kids need a diversion from the sprawling pool complexes and palm tree-covered beaches of a tropical resort? If you are staying at Barcelo’s Maya Grand Resort, there’s an exciting new option that’s literally right across the street.

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By Hainan Airlines

Travel Tips
Jul 12, 2019

10 College Tour Tips

The college tour is a rite of passage. Some teens take multiple trips to check out colleges including teacher-led class tours to a series of schools or an overnight with a friend to visit older pals already at college. The most likely scenario, however, is one or more parent-child trips. The fact is while many parents worry about their child’s wellbeing, about an empty-nest, their own finances or taking the time off work to make the trip, most teens are nervous about the prospective interviews and stressed about making a decision. After all, by the time they head for college tours, they’ve heard it for a lifetime: College is going to determine your career, your life, even who you may marry. The scenario is a touch-and-go situation before you even get in the car for the airport or the trip. So, it makes sense for the adults in the room to consider some techniques that make the best of a campus tour trip. These ideas may work.

Age Specific / Teens
Jun 8, 2019

Buenos Aires with Teens

New direct flights from major cities as well as a strong U.S. dollar make now a great time to visit Buenos Aires, especially with teens. Visit the city’s neighborhoods, hang out in its parks and then check out its best attractions.

Age Specific / Teens
Jun 1, 2019

Bergen, Norway with Teens

The historic port of Bergen is Norway’s second-largest city, but its compact core and neighborhoods make it easy to explore. Everything centers on its harbor, lined on one side by colorful Medieval buildings once headquarters of the powerful Hanseatic League. Small boats come and go constantly, and the daily market fills the area with activity.