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Subscription Services for Families with Teens

by Angelique Platas

Feb 19, 2020

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Travel Tips

The convenience of home delivery with the fun of shopping? Enter subscription services. Whether saving yourself a trip to the drug store or loading up on great gifts, food and décor from around the world, this list can be a life-saver for families with teens and young travelers.


Save yourself the shopping trip with these subscription service boxes for home or away — as some of these necessities travel well, too.


For Girls and Convenience

Billie is a razor club for women and actually a big money saver. Women’s razors can range $13–27, depending on the quality and brand. Billie is $9 flat, no shipping fee, for a five-razor blade, detachable handle, magnetic wall hanging for the shower and refill to start. After the initial sign up each monthly shipment of $9 includes four refill razors. Your teens will love the packaging and having a color-coded system to keep everyone organized. Choose add-on items, too, like shaving cream, body wash and lotion to round out your shopping trip.


Lola is another brand you may have heard of, but are hesitant to try. The organic, feminine care subscription service delivers cotton supplies to women and girls. For $10 a box, customers receive monthly shipments of chemical-free feminine products, including multivitamins and essential oils to reduce PMS symptoms.


For Earth Conscious

For the eco-conscious traveler, Earth Hero is a zero-waste box, filled with eco-friendly items. Make use of a few new accessories on your travels and at home while reducing your carbon footprint.


For Foodies

To re-up your travel favorites or inspire your next family foodie trip, Try the World will fill your pantry with international delights. This curated box includes goods from around the world, including a range of condiments, sweets and snacks for the kids, tea, sauces, oils and more for the future chefs in the family.


Have more than a few candy lovers in the family? Japan Crate is a subscription box filled with fun, loud and truly unique Japanese candy.


For Junior (and Senior) Globetrotters

For travelers needing a little push for their next adventure, or aspiring travelers with an interior itch, GlobeIn is a great gift for all ages. This artisan subscription box brings décor and goods from across the globe home. This box lets travelers shop globally, even between trips.


The Wordy Traveler kind of speaks for itself, as this subscription box delivers both books and travel inspiration. Choose size options for the backpacker or a full suitcase, with a mix of great reads and travel inspiration by location.


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