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Independent Beauty Expo Unveils Travel Essentials for Teens

by Elyse Glickman

Mar 16, 2020

Photo: Chattrawutt Hanjukkam | Dreamstime.com

Age Specific / Teens

The annual Independent Beauty Expo presents industry professionals, retail operators and influencers with the newest beauty and grooming products — many made from natural ingredients rather than synthetics — and this year’s Los Angeles edition of the show showcased many age-appropriate things for busy teens on the go that are now available to the general public.


The best of the show for teens not only makes living a responsible “organic lifestyle” (earth-safe vegan ingredients, minimal and recyclable packaging) more accessible, but also more portable, leak-proof and TSA-friendly.


Higher Education Skincare, formulated by Newport Beach, California, dermatologist Susan Cox, just might be the ultimate entry-level skincare program. She uses an element of fun to educate women aged 15–35 about proper skincare through such offerings as Pre-Req, MBA, Night Owl, Study Buddy, Spring Break, Rush and Grinding Away to master cleansing, exfoliating, hydrating, acne treatment and sun protection.


Waverly, Iowa-based Root Eco Beauty + Lifestyle features a natural color palette as well a full line of natural skincare, hair care, body care and nontoxic cleaning products. In terms of items for young women on the go, the Pretty Kit ($62) offers everything one needs to make their face the perfect canvas. Other handy releases include Pretty Paint Cream blush + lip tins ($16) and the Pretty Forever Palette ($30), which allows for mixing and matching everyday essentials on the go.


Teens who like to experiment with bolder colors will enjoy Hollywood-inspired lifestyle brand IBY Beauty. While its new lipstick line is full of girly, age-appropriate ,colored lipsticks, kits feature eye-catching artwork holding coordinating shadows or blushes. The company’s mission statement is “Encouraging self-expression and redefining beauty standards with cruelty-free products that won’t break the bank.” Highlights include Glow Up on the Go, a highlighter kit complete with brush ($24); California-inspired lip kits ($29); professional make-up artist-styled “Contour and Conquer”; and splashy eye shadow palettes ($20).


MODA by Royal & Langnickel Brush Manufacturing offers both full- and travel-sized cosmetics brush sets ($6.99–44.99) in a variety of colors and finishes, as well as a few extra perks. In partnership with environmental organization TerraCycle, one can send the company used makeup brushes and get up to 30 percent off the next purchase. Its website also features its Beauty Blog Mavens, young women their age offering tips and tricks for lasting applications.


Young women and men who either have skincare favorites they can’t live without or have a prescribed skincare regimen will appreciate Kate Westad’s Palette by Pak, a reusable lifesaver with five leak-proof compartments. The U.S.-made refillable kit holds essentials in a small, packable space and is reusable, washable, flexible and eliminates the need to buy bulkier travel bottles or travel-sized products.


Smartypits serves up a fruit stand’s worth of aluminum-free deodorants formulated exclusively for teens’ and preteens’ sensitive skin ($9), including the best-selling Pink Lemonade scent and a subtle timber/pine scent boys can relate to. The company also offers four-packs of travel-sized minis for adults and teens with different scent selections to suit one’s mood as well as hygiene needs. Anybody who regularly goes on quick weekend trips (i.e. a high school athlete traveling to a game in another city) will appreciate the ease of Whish’s Deodorant Swipes ($22) made with natural and organic ingredients, including witch hazel extract, organic licorice, organic chamomile and organic calendula.


Teens and parents flying cross-country or overseas will appreciate the fact Starry Eyes and Jet Setter eye masks by Popmask ($20 for a five-pack) not only blocks out light, but are is also self-heating on the first use when the outer package is open and reacts with oxygen. U.K. inventor Louisa Booth is also in the process of releasing a lightly scented variation on the mask with relaxation-boosting vegan botanicals previewed at the IBE show.


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