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Travel Products for Kids From Toddlers to Teens

by Eugenia Lazaris

Feb 22, 2020

Photo: Lightfieldstudiosprod | Dreamstime.com

Age Specific / Baby

Everyone can appreciate a new gadget to enhance the travel experience and kids are no exception. Check out these great new travel products that can make travel more enjoyable for your kids no matter their age — and sometimes even for the parent traveling with them.


Infants and Toddlers

A good travel crib is a must. These lightweight items can be set up anywhere, making any hotel room a safe and comfortable place for your little one. While some hotels offer cribs upon request, there is no guarantee one will be available when you need it.


A portable diaper changing station is a great way to make the messy realities of life a lot easier. SnoofyBee makes a great portable diaper changing station set with a soft, clean surface to change your baby on, and even folds up around your little one’s torso to keep them entertained with attached toys, helping them stay put. The changing pad also comes in a large size, perfect for toddlers.


Toddlers and Big Kids

Kids need plenty of options to keep them entertained on long trips. A great way to keep them occupied without losing interest is with a portable activity station like this one from Lusso. Perfect for riding in a car or on a plane, this pop-up table top provides plenty of space for your little one to play, draw and even eat on. The table top is a dry-erase board so they can get creative without making a mess. The tray offers plenty of slots for books, markers and crafting tools. There is even a cup holder and a water-resistant holder for a tablet so they can also watch their favorite shows while they eat.



A surefire way to help tweens pass the time on long trips is to keep them stocked with plenty of shows, movies and music to keep them entertained. The only problem with that is everyone else doesn’t necessarily want to listen along. If you are traveling by train, plane or even car, a good set of kid-friendly headphones can save the day. LilGadgets makes a great comfortable set for your little one’s ears to keep them entertained for hours on end. They come in lots of fun colors and patterns, perfect for your tween looking to assert their own unique personality.



Teens are always difficult to please so make sure they are equipped with something no teen can resist — a portable video game. The Nintendo Switch lets them play their favorite video games, even away from home. There is a portable carrying case available so they can bring the entire console along.


A travel journal is a great way to encourage your teens to document their travels and keep them away from video games and social media for a while. There are great options from leather-bound notebooks to activity-filled options like the ‘I Was Here’ Journal which prompts them to chronicle their journeys through writing.


For Everyone

Regardless of the age of your children, make sure you travel equipped with a portable charging station that accommodates more than one device. Don’t let dead batteries on your family’s devices derail your trip! A portable charger like the four-port charger from Bonai can charge up to four phones, tablets, cameras and speakers in a hurry and even comes with a flashlight for added convenience.


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A New Outdoor Bonding Experience

With technology advancing faster than ever, children globally are becoming attached to devices. Adults too. Our Netflix queue and ever-expanding inbox call our names even when we’re on vacation. We carry distractions with us everywhere, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to truly connect with your loved ones.


This summer, family travel at The Peninsula receives an upgrade with the debut of Camp Peninsula, a children’s experience that recreates the spirit of camping right in the heart of Beverly Hills. The journey begins with a special welcome from Peter Bear, the hotel’s lovable mascot, at check-in. After taking a picture with the life-sized teddy bear, kids will be whisked away by a Peninsula Camp Counselor to a luxurious guestroom where a charming teepee awaits. An afternoon of camp-themed games and activities, including a hotel-wide scavenger hunt, rounds off the family-friendly experience, fun for children of all ages. Whether it’s a luxe staycation or an extended holiday, Camp Peninsula is an ideal way to ensure the little ones are happy campers.