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What’s New at the LA Zoo

A day at the zoo is a family favorite when it comes to spending time together and having fun. Exotic animals, sweet treats and the chance to make furry friends at the petting zoo are some of the major draws to any zoo, but the Los Angeles Zoo is stepping up its game with the […]

Paso Robles: Your Next Family Getaway

A weekend in wine country sounds like a dream come true when mom and dad need some time away, but, when it comes to Paso Robles on California’s Central Coast, there are plenty of reasons to bring the whole family along. There is a nearly endless supply of fantastic wineries to explore in the area […]

Wintertime Fun in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is a great year-round destination for families, but, in the wintertime, this amazing city comes alive with fun. Whether you are looking for outdoor excitement or warm indoor entertainment, there is plenty to do in the Crossroads of the West to keep the entire family on their toes. SLC has quite a […]

48 Hours in San Francisco

If you think 48 hours in San Francisco isn’t enough time to enjoy this fabulous city, you couldn’t be more wrong! Although it’s true you could spend weeks exploring this historic metropolis and still need more time to get to know its multifaceted personality, a single weekend is a great opportunity to spend some time […]

Free Fun in Seattle

The typical family vacation can get pretty costly just with basics like airfare, car rentals and hotels, but that barely scratches the surface before you start adding in other travel necessities like food, entertainment and activities. While some vacations are clearly more expensive than others (read: a family trip for four to Disney World in […]

Tourist Scams and How to Avoid Them

No one likes falling for a scam, especially when you’re on vacation enjoying time with the family. Falling victim to a con is a surefire way to ruin the whole trip and, in some cases, turn you off to travel altogether. Tourists are easy targets for con artists. They are in unfamiliar territory, there is […]