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How Gen Alpha is Already Influencing Travel

by Holly Riddle

Oct 8, 2019

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In the travel world, you hear a lot about how millennials and Gen Z impact travel, but you rarely hear about the smallest generation — Generation Alpha. Born after 2010, this generation is considered digitally native and expected to be the longest-living and wealthiest generation yet. They’re often the children of millennials and the generation includes all those born through 2025, at which point their numbers are expected to reach 2 billion.


According to an Expedia Group Media Solutions study, this generation already impacts travel, too, and their travel experiences are much different than those of their parents.


On average globally, travelers with Generation Alpha children are taking more than three family trips per year. These include 2.4 family leisure trips and 0.8 family “bleisure” trips. Generation Alpha has thus far mostly traveled domestically and parents of Generation Alpha generally travel domestically more often as well.


Family travels. Photo: Annanahabed | Dreamstime.com


When parents of Generation Alpha are planning a family trip, they take their children’s likes and interests into high consideration. Ninety-five percent of these parents say keeping their family members entertained and happy is the most important part of a trip, ahead of getting the best deals and value. These children often love theme parks, major entertainment attractions, water activities and being active outdoors. Children are actively requesting to go to certain destinations and, in many cases, parents are acquiescing to their requests and including them in their travel planning talks.


The average trip for these families is 6.9 days and air travel is the preferred mode of transportation, followed by car. A minimal number of Gen Alpha families use trains or buses, or take cruises. When choosing a transportation option, parents are looking for the fastest option available, where the kids will be easiest to manage; these factors take precedence over cost.


Once in a destination, the families prefer hotels to resorts and vacation rentals. When choosing a hotel, location is the primary consideration, followed by family needs and then price thirdly. Families also rarely use public transportation or rideshare services, choosing instead to walk around their destination, or use a personal car.


Like their parents, Generation Alpha kids are using their devices while on the go. Parents report Gen Alpha kids use devices while traveling for watching online videos, taking photos and videos, playing games, communicating with friends and family, using social media and reading.


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