Miracle Flights

With the holiday season approaching, themes of being thankful, generous and charitable seem to infiltrate our daily lives a little more prominently. In keeping with that theme, it seems a fine time to highlight organizations doing exactly that; Miracle Flights is one such company.

Operating since 1985, Miracle Flights has provided seriously ill children in low-income families with essential flights for medical procedures, assistance and second opinions — even helping connect kids with service animals — all in an effort to aid families who need it most.

As a leading nonprofit health and welfare flight organization, Miracle Flights offers financial assistance, flights and essential commercial air travel to families unable to afford it themselves throughout the United States. Families and individuals can donate funds or request essential flights online, in addition to a host of ways to get involved.

Qualifying families have the opportunity to receive flights for children in need and up to two parents or legal guardians. Families in need simply fill out the application online (at least two weeks before departure date) and, if applicable, will receive flights to or from necessary appointments, second opinions and other medical-related travel circumstances.

If medically necessary, patients in need of a service animal can receive a flight with a parent or legal guardian with the service dog program.

Patient criteria is relatively straightforward. Charitable flights are most often granted to patients able to board the aircraft and sit upright by way of wheelchair or airplane seat; not on any life support systems; are a blood or organ donor; and traveling with commercial airline-approved equipment provided by the patient. Other aspects of travel patients and families are responsible for is the ground transportation to or from a recognized treatment center and airport, as well as any baggage fees.

Southwest Airlines  © Nicholas Burningham | Dreamstime.com

Southwest Airlines © Nicholas Burningham | Dreamstime.com

Miracle Flights partnered with Southwest Airlines as a National Flight Partner, and Bank of America as a Community Flight Partner, among others. Sometimes travel isn’t just a choice, it’s a life-changing necessity. Read more about their miracle flights online, generous partners and all-around do-goodery for kids and families in need.

The stories are inspiring and encouraging for families experiencing medical emergencies all over the country.