Airport Tips for Senior Citizens

by Audrey Lee Sending an elderly loved one into a sometimes chaotic airport can be unnerving. You may begin to question if they will get lost, if they will miss their flight or what will happen if they accidentally fall. Saying goodbye in the main lobby can be worrisome, but, fortunately, some airports offer help to […]

Miracle Flights

With the holiday season approaching, themes of being thankful, generous and charitable seem to infiltrate our daily lives a little more prominently. In keeping with that theme, it seems a fine time to highlight organizations doing exactly that; Miracle Flights is one such company. Operating since 1985, Miracle Flights has provided seriously ill children in […]

Preparing Children for First-Time Air Travel

A lot of information is out there on how to fly with babies and toddlers — keeping them amused during flights, bringing snacks, how to deal with mid-flight tantrums, etc. But few places even mention how you can — and should — prepare your older child ahead of time for flying and for the airport […]