Pleasing the Whole Family at Disney Springs

A vacation to Walt Disney World is not complete without a visit to Disney Springs.  Formally Downtown Disney, Disney Springs is the shopping and entertainment destination part of Walt Disney World. The entire district is on Disney’s massive property and accessible via shuttles to and from Disney’s various resorts.

The district has many upscale shopping and dining venues, plus fun restaurant options like T-Rex. Dining in Disney Springs, especially at popular times, can be pretty hectic, so it’s recommended to book your table well in advance for sit-down restaurants. Quick-service places like Blaze Pizza are also always sure bets.

With so many options, picking a restaurant to please the whole family is easy — even with exceptionally picky eaters. The kiosks and various vendors have a plethora of options to fit all taste buds and preferences. To make matters better, there are dining options throughout Disney Springs, so you can grab a quick bite no matter where you are.

Ghirardelli's, Disney Springs © Jerry Coli |

Ghirardelli’s, Disney Springs © Jerry Coli |

One of the big draws at Disney Springs is the eclectic shopping. Ranging from stores everyone will love like World of Disney and The Coca-Cola Store to the more niche shops, including Anthropologie and Basin, there are things to sate everyone’s shopping habits. Kids can harangue parents at the Lego Store while checking out the awesome Disney-inspired statues of Maleficent and the Hulk, while Mom picks out some new bath bombs at Basin. Disney Springs is a true shoppers paradise, with unique stores, including Fit2Run, a shoe and runner’s store; Lefty’s, a left-handed store; and Sosa Family Cigars.

Once the family’s shopping is taken care of, it’s time to worry about entertainment. Disney Springs has many excellent entertainment options, including a movie theater. Some might find the idea of attending a movie on vacation unappealing, but watching a new Disney movie in Walt Disney World is an excellent proposition, if you ask me.

Guests who like live music can stop by Marketplace Stage, an open-air spot where the music is always playing. If you’re visiting around the holidays, kids can meet Santa and walk the Christmas Tree Trail. For families who love sports, there is a bowling alley on the premise.

A unique NBA Experience is set to open in the near future, giving basketball fans a whole new way to experience the sport. No matter how your family operates, there are things to do for the whole family before or after you experience the magic of Disney parks.