Romantic Lapland Glamping Getaways for Parents

Sometimes it’s necessary to just get away from it all as a couple — the kids, the house, the daily responsibilities. You could go to a busy travel destination where the trip itself becomes even more work than you expected. You could also consider the warm, tropical locales all your friends have been talking about. Or, you could do something totally unique and exclusive, that promises to be as stress-free as it gets, with no crowds and no worries.

Enjoy a romantic getaway for just the two of you, in the icy remoteness of Lapland. A new travel adventure from Off the Map Travel combines privacy and romance in its Sleep Beneath the Stars program. The new itinerary allows two guests to stay completely alone in a remote glamping site, where they have all the luxury amenities they need, but also access to the great outdoors and a good chance at spotting the Northern Lights.

Adventurous couples can embark on explorations from their yurt on the frozen Bothnian Sea, to enjoy private sky-searching experiences, snowmobiling, skiing and snowshoeing, before dining at the two-person Aurora Hideaway restaurant, accessible via skis. There, the menu includes a three-course Lappish meal cooked outdoors over a wood fire.

Reindeer herd in Lapland.

Reindeer herd in Lapland. Photo: Kondratova |

A guided astronomy experience for two is also included. Meals throughout the excursion include local favorites and Swedish and Lappish specialties, like reindeer and Arctic char. The luxurious yurt keeps you warm and cozy with its wood-burning stove and thick bedding made from reindeer skin. The campsite also gives you access to your own sauna cabin.

If you’re a bit worried about being all alone in Lapland, don’t be. You’re always within reach of Pine Bay Lodge on the Luleå archipelago if you need something, but still far enough away to not be bothered, seen or heard.

“We’ve created this program for the lovers out there, who are indeed looking for an exclusive program that they can call their own. There’s no light pollution, no noise distractions and no other participants — it’s, in effect, your own private holiday,” said Jonny Cooper, founder, Off the Map Travel.

Couples can book the Sleep beneath the Stars itinerary starting Dec. 15, 2019, through April 15, 2020. The itinerary’s length can be tailored to your individual needs as a couple, but, for example, a five-night, four-day itinerary starts at $2,496 per person. Your initial fees include meals, transfers, accommodations, snowmobiling and the stargazing exploration.