Scavenger Hunt Vacations

From Waikiki to New York City and practically everywhere in between, Urban Adventure Quest provides families with a unique way to discover and explore cities across the country. This interactive online game sets families and friends off on a scavenger hunt to test their puzzle solving skills and see the sites.

Quests are easily accessed through the website, so all you need is a smartphone (and let’s be honest, who can remember life without one?) and players willing to have fun. Choose your city, pick your quest and a series of challenges and puzzles will start you off on a scavenger hunt across town.

The game starts whenever you are ready and has no time limit, so it suits any family’s pace or busy schedule. Quests are designed to be completed on foot so they are a great way to get some physical activity and sunshine while leaving you plenty of time for other activities during your trip.

These interactive city challenges are meant to be tackled in groups that range anywhere from two to five players. If your group is larger, break into separate teams for some healthy competition. Gather your team, come up with a name and put on your walking shoes to get ready for a fun day of exploring.

Quests last anywhere from one to three hours and cover up to a two-mile area of a city. If three hours doesn’t fit into your busy schedule, opt for one of the Mini-Q’s, the shorter versions of the scavenger hunt that stay within a mile radius of the Quest’s starting point.

The game involves picture puzzles, deciphering codes and solving riddles to find clues. Quests take you through fun and interesting neighborhoods that guarantee you get an up-close-and-personal look at the city you are visiting. Solve the first puzzle to get the next clue and keep solving your way through the city. Objectives usually involve historical landmarks and major points of interest, making it a great opportunity to impart some history and learning on your little ones while they have some vacation fun.

The Boston Freedom Trail Quest takes guests to Paul Revere’s house while the Hollywood quest takes you along Hollywood Boulevard to see the Walk of Fame and the famous Grauman’s Chinese Theater. The Seattle adventure involves Seattle Center, home of the Space Needle, and the must-see Pike Place Market. Even if you only have a few hours to spare in a city, the Urban Adventure Quest is a great way to get in some of the best that city has to offer.