Seriously Spooky Haunts in New York

Ghost hunters and paranormal enthusiasts know the best haunts worth exploring are always the ones steeped in history. New York’s varied terrain, from the big city to open countryside, has been rooted in our nation’s history since our independence — it’s safe to say your family will find something spooky to explore.

Bring the older kids to bond on a seriously creepy adventure through haunted asylums and old prisons or work together to find your way through a corn maze.


Rolling Hills Asylum is famous in the paranormal activity world. Intrigued guests flock to the abandoned hospital, searching for spiritual evidence. Located in East Bethany, New York, guests explore the asylum for four hours, picking through the institution looking for any sign of the afterlife. While Rolling Hills Asylum was literally left behind with hundreds of mentally ill, impoverished and even widowed inhabitants to die in the facility, the history is fascinatingly dark. Read up on the asylum’s many missteps before you go, and don’t forget to bring your ID as this is an adults-only tour.

Paranormal Society

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For those brave enough to stay overnight in a haunted house, pack your flashlight and sleeping bag before spending the night at the Haunted Hinsdale House. Join like-minded para-expeditioners trying to contact the other side, explore the house and hunt for current residents. Located in Hinsdale, New York, the historic site is primarily used for paranormal research and tours, but ultimately strives to be turned into a museum.


A little on the lighter side, the Museum of Wayne County History’s Old Jail brings history to life with haunted tales and tours through the old Wayne County. Located in the Finger Lakes region in Lyons, New York, the Haunted Jail, Cellblock Terror and Blood Curdling Barn is a beloved Halloween attraction. Learn about the execution of murderer William Fee and explore the spooky old town.

For a limited time in October, guests experience the Murder at Cherry Hill tour in the historic New York region. Learn about the fateful day, May 7, 1827, that spurred the last hanging in Albany. Enjoy the history and haunted thrill of walking along the dark trail.


Visit a castle filled with antiques, trinkets and, oh, spirits. Every item within Wing’s Castle tells a story. Guests explore by tour or stay the night within its spooky walls. Located in Hudson Valley, New York, the impressive stone structure is a sight to behold.

After working up an appetite, enjoy dinner with a few surprise guests at Silvio’s Villa. Built in the 1700s, the restaurant is known to be haunted by the family murdered there. Read more about what happened and why you may or may not want to be anywhere near table 24.

Whether looking to beef up your Halloween experience or interested in year-round haunts, there are 65 haunted sites in New York to explore. Check out the incredible lineup on New York’s tourism site or with the Haunted History Trail.