Sustainable Family Adventure

Sustainability is all the rage in the tourism industry, and for good reason. Any way we can make life, travel and everything in between more eco-friendly, sustainable and environmentally sound, the better. While most of us are making greater efforts to shift our day-to-day lives to greener pastures, so does the travel industry.

While eco-friendly tours, sustainable travel and conservation efforts pop up in the travel industry, the option to travel greener and more responsibly becomes easier and easier to obtain, like Peregrine Adventures, for example.

You can easily travel with the family, friends or solo while feeling good about your impact on the Earth with this small group tour operator. Peregrine Adventures offers adventure excursions in amazing destinations while committing to carbon-neutral travel.

Reduce your carbon footprint while still exploring some of your family’s bucket list destinations. Check out once-in-a-lifetime travel opportunities, such as small ship cruises across Croatia from Split to Dubrovnik or exploring Morocco on a 13-day journey. Feel like you’ve been transported to another world while minimizing negative impact on these idyllic destinations.

Guests of Peregrine Adventures enjoy the best in both adventure and responsible tourism as the company actively works to reduce the carbon footprint of passengers and impact on local communities through travel.

In fact, local communities seem to benefit more from Peregrine Adventures’ travelers than you might think. The company enlists local experts to help guide travelers through a new destination, offering specialized attention with incredibly knowledgeable staff. The tour company focuses on giving back to a destination and its community more than what it can take from it. Visit the pyramids in Egypt and engage with expert guides, taking in more about the culture and landscape, or head to South America for quality accommodations and a localized experience.

Recognized as a carbon-neutral travel company, Peregrine banned single-use cups, plastic straws, water bottles and more while replacing harmful items with sustainable ones, including reusable cloth bags and refillable water bottles.

Enjoy exotic and far-off destinations without the negative impact travel can sometimes impose. Peregrine Adventures is just one of many guides, tour companies and industry organizations assisting eco-minded travelers in both exploring and bettering our world. Do your homework before your next family trip and see which destination is best for you and all you can do to improve your next trip in fun and sustainability.