National Parks For Beginners

Visiting some national parks in the New Year? With so many amazing locales to choose from, it can seem overwhelming to begin planning, but it’s easier than you think. Whether it’s your family’s first national park trip together or it has just been awhile, there are a few easy steps to get started. Pick Your […]

Family Time in Yellowstone National Park

Family-friendly escapes are always worth being on the lookout for. While most destinations can be retrofitted to work with a family, some destinations seem like they were custom built for family getaways. Yellowstone National Park is one of these destinations. Yellowstone is located in three different states. It has pieces in Montana, Wyoming and Idaho. […]

Family Camping in California on a Budget

Camping, once the province of scouts and other hardy outdoor folk, has become increasingly popular with families in recent years. Parents who love the idea of unplugging and enjoying nature with the kids, but who don’t relish the idea of hiking to a remote backcountry setting, can enjoy more than 85 campgrounds in Mono County, […]

Family Time in Croatia with Katarina Line

Croatia is on everyone’s radar lately and, while you can hit a few hot spots, like Dubrovnik and Split, on a multi-destination Mediterranean cruise, a Katarina Line Croatia sailing will take you and the kids deeper into this enticing destination. “The beautiful islands and crystal blue waters of the Adriatic Sea are just the start […]

Plenty of Reasons for Families to Explore America’s National Parks

The centennial of the founding of the U.S. national parks in 2016 was a banner year, with increased attendance and patriotism that put the spotlight not only on the natural beauty but on accommodation and meal options— perhaps with some that could use a few improvements. For anyone pondering a summer break this year to […]

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To RV Or Not To RV, That Is The Question

Packing up the entire family and hitting the open road in a RV is something of an American tradition. There is something quite appealing about the idea of going anywhere and everywhere you please. RV fans argue it is the ultimate way to travel, especially for families on a strict travel budget. That isn’t to […]