Easter Egg Hunt, PAcific Northwest.

Easter for Families in Portland

Portland is an amazing place to visit with the family anytime of year but if you happen to be in town this Easter, you and your little ones are in for a real treat. The family-friendly city is bursting with fun activities to celebrate the holiday. Rabbit Romp at the Oregon Zoo Head to the […]

On Track in Eugene: for Athletics, Leisure Lovers Alike

For fans of Nike founder Phil Knight’s wildly popular Pacific Northwest-set autobiography Shoe Dog, the landscapes will be familiar: rolling verdant hills, soft paths to circumnavigate, lots of sky to ponder and the chance to listen to the inhalation and exhalation of one’s breath as the sun stretches up to gently illuminate the morning dew. […]

Oregon Trail Without the Snake Bites

Set out on the Oregon Trail of your childhood videogame dreams, but without the fear of snake bites and dysentery. Travel Oregon and Lyft Portland joined forces for the ultimate nostalgia experience come to life. For a limited time, travelers hit the open dirt road, just like in the Oregon Trail, along Rose City. For […]

Converted Road Trip Accommodations Make You Stay Longer

A spa … deluxe linens and bath products … the charm of Wine Country … all of this doesn’t sound like your Grandma’s motor lodge. A slew of boutique properties are taking “eek” to chic with comfortable, design-forward accommodations just ready for your family. Get ready for the great American road trip. Callistoga Motor Lodge […]

Underground Cities

Underground cities are some of the most unique places to visit around the world. They have existed for centuries all over the world and served many different purposes. Some were built as places of refuge from invaders, while others, like Underground Montreal in Canada, were built as refuge from harsh weather conditions. Others were built […]

Must-Visit U.S. Mountain Towns for Families

Sisters, Ore. Any outdoorsy, adventuresome family already has Oregon on their bucket list, but Sisters boasts some of the greatest natural beauty the state has to offer. Check out Mt. Bachelor any time of year for a family getaway and take in the sweeping views. Head a bit outside of the city and explore Smith […]