Remaining Open Minded During a Shutdown (and Other Unfortunate Events)

When things take an unexpected turn, many will quote a line from John Lennon’s “Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)”: “Life is what happens when you make other plans.” The line fits the recent government shutdown, which descended on the American public during the holiday season and lasted over a month, though it is probably not the […]

Travel Apps for Your Next Vacation

Planning and executing a fun family vacation is no easy feat, but making it affordable can be a whole different story. You’ll need some savvy tricks and maybe even a few apps as backup. Begin planning with some help from your tech assistants from the beginning, middle and end of your family trip. Kayak First […]

How To Plan a Winter Trip for the Whole Family

Winter travel is one of those highly anticipated vacations right when you need it most. You can get away after the holidays and catch up with extended family and friends or reconnect with the family unit. All you need is a destination and space that can accommodate your whole family. Finding the perfect destination may […]

Perks of Planning Spring Break Early

Yes, New Year celebrations may be barely behind us, but the next big holiday on the horizon offers prime opportunity to plan that family trip. Planning for a spring break vacation with the family or for the kids can seem like a far-off task for your future self to deal with, but the truth is, […]

Braving Winter Travel with Kids in Tow

Winter travel can be a challenge for adults. What do you when the kids are in tow as well? Follow these tips to be sure your winter travel is more than just runny noses, lost mittens and delayed flights. Take It All Even if you’re traveling to a destination with historically mild temperatures in the […]

Preparing The Family For a European Vacation

The big day is coming — you and your family are all packed and ready to take Europe by storm! The only problem is, new countries mean new customs and new opportunities to make embarrassing social errors. Customs vary between countries and regions ,but it helps to remember the way we do things at home […]