On The Road Again … On a Family Driving Holiday

Don’t let memories of the Griswolds get in the way of enjoying one of the best ways to travel — road trips, when planned well, can offer more flexibility, freedom and bonding opportunities than organized tour groups for families. In many cases, there are even some companies that will plan your road itinerary for you […]

Keeping Your Cool on the Highway This Winter

In a season of advertising and marketing drawing upon nostalgia — especially with the big automakers — white, powdery country roads and snow-capped mountains set the tone. Of course, anybody with a driver’s license knows better. The white stuff is not so pretty to drive through, even if it means the family will avoid the […]

Making Road Trips with Pets as Headache-Free as Possible

While you may have traveled with your pet in the car plenty of times — to the vet, the dog park, a friend’s house — going on an actual road trip with your pet is an entirely different situation. While Fido might be comfortable sticking it out for a few minutes when you drive across […]