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City Vineyard

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Travel Tips
Dec 18, 2018

Keeping the Holiday Spirit Alive on the Road

The holidays are a hectic time of year, especially when you're on the road. When your family is counting on you to make sure travel plans go smoothly, nothing (or no one) gets left behind and everyone has fun, keeping up a cheerful holiday spirit can get pretty tough. Whether your family is traveling far from home or just on the go from place to place, it's important to keep the holiday spirit alive. After all, the holidays are a special time to enjoy the ones you love and make memories that last a lifetime, so make the extra effort to make sure everyone gets to enjoy them, including you.

Host Your Next Event in Urban Wine Country

While urban wine country might sound like an oxymoron, it’s actually a reality at the stunning City Vineyard in New York City’s Tribeca neighborhood. The water-side venue is the perfect host for your next event — whatever that may be, from 20 to 200 guests and from cocktail party to plated dinner.

Dec 9, 2018

Keeping Your Cool on the Highway This Winter

In a season of advertising and marketing drawing upon nostalgia — especially with the big automakers — white, powdery country roads and snow-capped mountains set the tone. Of course, anybody with a driver’s license knows better. The white stuff is not so pretty to drive through, even if it means the family will avoid the insanity of airports. And to that another reality, the United States has so many different climates.

Travel Tips
Nov 11, 2018

Keeping Kids Occupied on Road Trips

If you’ve ever been confined to a car during a long road trip, you’re no stranger to the fact the hours can stretch out in front of you like the road you’re on.

Travel Tips
Nov 7, 2018

Enjoy a Family Thanksgiving on the Road

Thanksgiving is a time to spend with family and friends, but when you find yourself on the road and away from home with your family during this beloved holiday, it takes a little more creativity to make those holiday moments enjoyable.