Driving Route 66 in Arizona

When it comes to road trips, you can’t beat Route 66, especially in Arizona. Stretches of the iconic road, which once connected Chicago to Los Angeles, wind through a national park and past curio shops, diners and family-friendly attractions in the state. You just need to set aside a few days, pack the car and […]

The Ultimate Route 66 “Road Show”

There’s nothing that amps up the joy of going to the movies more than Oscar season, which culminates on the last weekend of February with the annual telecast. Thanks to cable channels like Turner Classic Movies, we can take a trip through movie history with its yearly February celebration of Oscar-winning movies. Netflix and other […]

Road-Tripping Down America’s Main Street

The Great American Road Trip. For some it’s a family tradition. For others it’s a bucket list vacation. For everyone, a road trip along America’s famous Route 66 is a great way to see the country and enjoy some time with the family. Traveling along the historic Route 66 is a throwback to the days […]