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Travel Tips
Sep 16, 2018

What Do Families Look For in Travel?

One of the most enduring trends in travel in recent decades has been family travel, morphed from just trips to the grandparents or a theme park to exciting and sometimes exotic locations around the world.

A Suite Ride at The Peninsula Beverly Hills

The Peninsula Beverly Hills makes staying in a suite even sweeter! Guests who book one of the hotel’s elegant suites are offered complimentary use of a luxury BMW for the length of their stay. While Beverly Hills has so much to offer, having a car gives you the freedom to see even more of Southern California, whether it is driving up the Pacific Coast Highway to Malibu, or continuing on, past Santa Barbara, to Santa Ynez wine country.

Age Specific / Kids
Jul 14, 2018

Good Times for Good Causes in the United States

The increased presence of “voluntourism” activities within some, or all, vacation itineraries in the last few years proved travelers gain a greater appreciation for a destination when interacting with local communities and the day-to-day existence beyond the confines of a posh resort. Naturally, there are numerous travel agencies, and resorts with programs specializing in philanthropic itineraries serving communities in Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia.

Jan 27, 2018

Give Back With the Family

Looking for a way to give back this season? Here are five voluntourism efforts you and your family can participate in via Solmar Hotels & Resorts’ charitable Donations in Actions Foundation, which sponsors more than 30 charitable organizations in Baja California Sur.

Travel Tips
Jan 17, 2018

Voluntourism: Family Travel That Gives Back

JetBlue recently made headlines for what some travel influencers billed as a “paid vacation” — the JetBlue For Good promotion sent those willing to work for their supper to Jamaica, Texas and the Bahamas for free along with meals and paid accommodations. While that November program may be over, there are still plenty of ways and reasons to volunteer in areas affected by hurricane damage — even with the family.