Toddler Time in Hawai’i

Traveling to Hawai’i can be fun for the entire family, even for the littlest travelers — toddlers. And, if your toddler has traveled with you since he/she was a baby, chances are they will take the trip in stride. Let’s take a look at some ways to spend toddler time in Hawai’i.


Even if your toddler is the star of her swim class, chances are snorkeling is a bit beyond her skill set for now. But that doesn’t mean she can’t get up close to all of the marine life found throughout Hawai’i.

On the coastline on Oahu, the University of Hawai’i Waikiki Aquarium recreates the reef habitats found throughout the islands and within them live tropical fish you may see while snorkeling. There’s even an indoor pool where you can spot endangered Hawai’ian monk seals.

From shallow reefs to the deep ocean, the Maui Ocean Center on, well, Maui, takes visitors through what it considers an ocean journey. Your toddler’s favorite part may be at the end, where a clear tunnel goes through a tank with sharks and rays swimming around.

Tropical reefs in Maui © MNStudio |

Tropical reefs in Maui © MNStudio |

Go Underwater

Another way for toddlers to experience Hawai’i’s undersea world is on a submarine ride with Atlantic Adventures. If your toddler is 36 inches high or taller, it’s all aboard for an undersea adventure on Oahu, Maui and the Island of Hawai’i. Take your seat on the submarine and you will descend 100 feet or more to swim with the fishes, while staying dry the entire time. Just imagine your toddler’s eyes when they see a shark or turtle swim right past!


Climb into a traditional outrigger canoe and your toddler can just look around while you and the rest of the crew paddle the calm waters of Kona, Hawai’I, with Kona Boys. While out on the water, your guide will talk about the local history, as well as (hopefully!) point out Hawai’ian spinner dolphins and maybe even sea turtles.

Kids Clubs

There are myriad resorts found throughout the Hawai’ian islands with their own kids clubs with activities tailored to different age groups. When making your reservations, be sure to check in with the concierge to see what activities are offered, as well as what days and times. If you choose, your toddler can have her own time with kids her own age, while you venture off for some adult fun of your own.