What to Pack While Visiting Family this Holiday Season

Whether staying with family or heading to a hotel for the holidays, packing light will make that holiday hustle at the airport much easier. Opting for multipurpose items and interchangeable accessories can lighten your load while still being prepared for weather.

Case and Drift has a few items topping our list for convenient accessories serving multiple purposes. Packing toiletries in a Ziploc bag is a safe and savvy travel tip, but using a dressed version, like a Drift Wet Bag, elevates your accessory game.

The Drift Wet Bag acts as a protective, water-resistant case for an impromptu day at the pool and holds your open travel shampoo safely on your trip back home. The bag’s waterproof lining and laminated cotton exterior come in several designs and fit a small towel, tech and toiletries, beginning at $40.

Bundle up with scarf blanket

© Everst | Dreamstime

Also by Case and Drift, the Ballina Towel acts as a baby blanket, scarf, shawl, blanket and quick-drying towel for all travel conditions. The towel, scarf, blanket item rolls up to fit in a compact bag or can be worn in a variety of styles. The Lennox, Ballina and Byron towels all come in a variety of colors and designs for $40.

To add a little luxury to your trip, check out the Aria Travel Kit. The TSA-approved amenity kit includes everything from deodorant, face and body moisturizer, toothpaste and brush, eye mask, socks, ear buds, plugs and even that pen we all tend to forget.

At $79 a bag, the Aria travel kit contains high-quality items in an organized and durable canvas bag. The Aria canvas can withstand dozens of trips and while you whittle down the toiletries inside, the canvas is great for organizing tech, important documents and must-have travel items.

Woman with pillow in flight

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Keep warm and comfortable from the road or in flight to your destination. The Eagle Creek Cat Nap blanket serves several purposes from a rolled-up pillow on your window seat to a picnic blanket at the family’s house. The micro-fleece blanket keeps you and the kids warm and cozy with a front-zip pocket for an eyeshade, iPhone or water bottle. For about $22, the simple blanket can serve many purposes on your next trip and fits easily into the front pocket of your luggage or duffle bag.