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3 Alien-Themed Vacation Ideas for the Whole Family

by Eugenia Lazaris

May 11, 2022

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With a much-needed vacation coming up, you’ve probably got plenty of family travel-oriented bucket-list ideas in the works. Hawai’i, Europe, an Alaskan cruise, the list can go on and on. But if you haven’t thought about a themed vacation, the family could miss out on a fun and quirky way to enjoy some quality time seeing the world while exploring some of the family’s favorite interests.


There are plenty of themed options available suiting a variety of interests, like visiting Georgia for a curated Walking Dead tour or heading to Greece for a Percy Jackson-themed tour package. But if you’ve got an UFO enthusiast in the family, consider a trip that lets you see some of the world’s most beautiful locations while having some out-of-this-world fun.


Devil’s Tower, Wyoming

This national monument in eastern Wyoming is not only a site of incredible natural beauty, but it is also the iconic site of the alien landing in the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Alien enthusiasts from around the world visit this site, hoping for a sighting of their own. Many people claimed to see unexplained lights and objects in the night sky surrounding the site. As the nation’s first official national monument, Devil’s Tower is a wonderful vacation destination in its own right with great camping, hiking, rock climbing and stargazing sites to ensure everyone in the family enjoys their visit.


Roswell, New Mexico

America’s southwestern states offer enchantingly beautiful desert landscapes, but in New Mexico’s Roswell, you will also find plenty to pique your alien interests. From a UFO-shaped McDonald’s and alien-themed hotels to art galleries and museums dedicated to alien sightings and UFOs, there is no shortage of themed things to do in this town. There are also plenty of non-alien activities like Bottomless Lakes State Park and an assortment of incredible museums to entertain the family in between UFO sightings.


Bonnybridge, Scotland

For alien enthusiasts, there is no better reason to plan a trip to Scotland than to visit the self-proclaimed UFO capital of the world, where one in three locals claim to have seen some unexplainable phenomena in the night sky. More than 300 sightings are reported annually in this small town, offering plenty of reasons to spend the night gazing up at the night sky after a day of exploring the beautiful countryside and quaint village of Bonnybridge.


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