5 Delectable Food Tours Around the World

Some say the best way to experience a city is through its food. The world is full of culinary treats, but ordering food in a foreign country can be a daunting experience. Not to mention we don’t always the time required to fully explore the culinary offerings of each country during our stay.

One sure-fire way to experience the best of the best in a new place is by taking advantage of a food tour. They tend to take you off the beaten path to experience foods and kitchens the way a local would. These tours allow you to incorporate a unique tasting experience with a fun and intimate tour of a city. The only thing you need to do to prepare for a food tour is bring an open mind and a healthy appetite.

Dublin, Ireland

Secret Food Tours Dublin is an insider’s guide to the streets of Dublin. With a food scene that is constantly evolving and growing, Dublin has some amazing tasting experiences awaiting visitors. This tour takes you to stops known only to locals to sip Irish Cream in a whiskey shop, sample a traditional Irish breakfast and experience artisanal Irish cheeses and ice creams.

Dublin, Ireland food tour

© Malisa Nicolau | Dreamstime.com

Paris, France

In a city as famous for its culinary history as Paris, it is difficult to know where to begin when it comes to choosing a food tour. Original Food Tours gives you more than a dozen tours to choose from, such as morning or evening tours, walking tours along the west bank and a chocolate tour by private bus. There is an option to suit everyone’s taste buds and allowing you an opportunity to sample some of the best Paris has to offer.

Athens, Greece

Eating Athens Food Tours offers a 3.5-hour tour six days a week around the heart of Athens. Tour guides who are passionate about their local cuisine combine a tasting tour with a lesson in the history and culture of Greek food and flavors. On your seven-stop tour you will get to experience some of the best local sausages, olives, wines, fish and sweets, not to mention local wines and herbs.

Octopus drying in Naousa

© Eugenia Lazaris

Tokyo, Japan

Oishii Food Tours offers nightly tours through trendy neighborhoods, such as Ebisu with its thriving food scene, and highlight traditional Japanese foods such as okonomiyaki (a savory pancake-style dish), sashimi, tempura, Japanese ice cream and sake. There is also a daytime tour through the old-fashioned and more traditional neighborhood of Yanaka.

Lima, Peru

The goal of Food Walking Tour Peru is to introduce visitors to the local cuisine and lifestyle of Peru. Led by locals who are passionate about food and their culture, tours run approximately three to four hours and take you to places tourists are unlikely to find on their own. While walking through some of the most culturally diverse neighborhoods of Lima, you will be treated to several courses covering appetizers, main dishes, desserts and even traditional Peruvian coffee.