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5 Tips to Improve Sleep Hygiene from Hush

by Katie Skrzek

Jan 27, 2023

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Getting a good night’s sleep is important at home and for family travelers on the road. The experts at Canadian bedding and mattress company Hush offer helpful tips to improve your sleep hygiene.


Consistency is Key

Being consistent with your bedtime schedule helps your body’s natural circadian rhythm match a desired bedtime. Aim to go to bed at the same time each night, and start your bedtime routine (like brushing your teeth) to allow your body to associate the routine with sleep.



While it may be tempting to watch Netflix or scroll on your phone before bed, try to avoid screens for a period of time before bed. The blue light from screens delays the production of melatonin, preventing you from falling into a deep sleep quickly. Opt to read a book or practice another relaxing hobby.



Adding exercise into your daily routine improves your physical health and your sleep hygiene. Exercise can increase time in deep sleep, as it uses up more energy during the day. Aim to work out at least three hours before you go to bed to avoid the increased heart rate, body temperature and adrenaline that make you feel more awake.


Eliminate Light and Noise

If you live in a bright and noisy area, there are steps to eliminate the disruption. Purchase blackout curtains or a blackout eye mask to prevent extra light from getting into your space. Consider investing in a white noise machine to cover disruptive noises with more soothing background noises.


Keep the Temperature Down

A cooler temperature reinforces your body’s natural instinct to sleep as our body temperature drops near bedtime. A cool bedroom regulates your body temperature and promotes melatonin production.


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