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5 Unusual Los Angeles Attractions

by Eugenia Lazaris

Mar 30, 2018

© Eugenia Lazaris


Every city has its standard tourist attractions and Los Angeles is no exception, but locating a city’s quirky side is quickly becoming a hot travel trend.

With beautiful weather, world-class cuisine and incredible entertainment options, L.A. is known for a nearly endless array of activities to keep families from getting bored — but it’s eclectic and unusual side is what makes it so much fun to ditch the guidebook and explore!

Check out the following list for a crash course on ways to see the weird side of the City of Angels.

L.A. Velveteria Elvis

© Eugenia Lazaris

Velveteria Museum of Velvet Paintings

This little museum located in L.A.’s Chinatown district is an absolute must-see for anyone looking for something different. Owners and curators Carl Baldwin and Caren Anderson are happy to take you on a guided tour of this collection of more than 2,500 velvet paintings and memorabilia from every corner of the globe. Not only will you learn about the history of velvet and the craft of creating artwork with it, but you will have the experience of enjoying unique and one-of-a-kind works of art by masters of the medium such as Erik Askew, Louis Behan and Edgar Leeteg. The Hall of Elvis celebrates all things Elvis, while the black-light room provides a psychedelic experience. Even the restroom is decked out in velvet art with images of Frank Zappa, Anthony Bourdain and Ryan Seacrest adorning the walls.

The Bunny Museum

This homage to the adorable rabbit has provided visitors with an overload of cuteness since 1998. Located in a residential neighborhood of Altadena, this unusual museum is jam-packed with more than 30,000 bunny-related items on display. It is also home to a number of live house-bunnies that call the museum home and love interacting with visitors.

© Eugenia Lazaris

Los Angeles Mural Mile

Los Angeles boasts some of the best street art in the world, and the city of Pacoima, just a short distance north of downtown L.A., has an impressive collection on public display. Known as the Mural Mile, the three-mile radius surrounding the Pacoima City Hall is home to more than 50 murals by local artists. A multitude of styles and subjects are showcased ranging from a massive portrait of Frida Kahlo to a likeness of the “Mona Lisa,” complete with a sombrero and rifle. The project is designed to give local artists a chance to showcase work while revitalizing their local neighborhood with the beauty of art.

L.A. Mural Mile 3

© Eugenia Lazaris

Bob Bakers Marionette Theater

The oldest children’s theater in Los Angeles is also one of the best ways to spend an afternoon. This little theater nestled into a corner near downtown L.A. has entertained children and fueled imaginations since 1963. An official Cultural-Historic Landmark of Los Angeles, the theater puts on productions with more than 2,000 handcrafted characters. While the theater is in the process of renovating the original location, performances are still going on, so check out the website to find out when to catch the next show.

L.A. Cliftons 2

© Eugenia Lazaris


Clifton’s Cafeteria is a piece of history right in the heart of downtown L.A. Stop in to grab a bite from the cafeteria, enjoy a drink from one of several themed bars or just to check out the decor. The entire building is decked out in an impressive array of styles and artifacts ranging from an enormous tree in the center of the building to the stuffed bison and peacocks adorning the various rooms. Celebrating bygone eras of California’s past, the Clifton retains a touch of California elegance.


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