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Airport Dining with Kids

by Erich Martin

Feb 18, 2019

© Elizaveta Galitskaya | Dreamstime.com

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Airports are funny things, really. It seems like even smaller airports offer a wide array of dining options for travelers, let alone the expansive offerings of the major international airports.

As any parent will tell you, kids’ palates have the capability to be incredibly eclectic. One morning, a child might like pizza, but the next, they will only eat macaroni and cheese. As such, traveling somewhere where you do not know the food options can be a lesson in misadventure. Take the necessary steps to plan ahead; however, and you will make it through even the barest airport with happy children.

The first step is to look up the dining options in the airport in question well in advance so you can begin to strategize. Most airports have a section of the website where they display and advertise all of the shopping and dining options available. Depending on the stability of your kids’ tastes, you can begin to plan out which obscure terminal you will need to visit before your flight.

Make sure to arrive at the airport even earlier than usual. The extra time will not hurt, especially if the family is planning to eat at the airport before your flight. The extra time will also give you a chance to improvise should the kids decide they aren’t feeling chicken nuggets today and they would really rather eat macaroni and cheese.

If you know you will not have time to sit down and eat at the airport, consider eating right before your departure from home. The upside to this course is you will save money on dining and also ensure everyone eats what they want. On the other hand, this option will definitely involve some kind of cooking from mom and dad.

For the best of both worlds, consider packing a meal for the kids so the adult travelers can eat something they do not need to cook and might not get to all the time, especially if you are not flying out of your home city. I have seen my family try local specialties and old favorites alike at airports.

If your children are not picky eaters, the airport is a great chance to get them to try a few new items, especially if the family has been traveling for a few hours already.


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