Australia is for Lovers

Milestone vacations have been a growing trend in the tourism industry. With honeymoons paving the way for romantic getaways and special occasion trips, toss “moon” onto anything and you have a valid excuse to trail. Couples celebrating a wedding, anniversary or soaking up that last bit of free time before a baby, “moons” are all the rage.

One aspect of honeymoon travel that may fall a bit off trend: the long two-week stay in one destination. Young couples, especially, changed the tides on the honeymoon scene.

Whether on a tight budget or just for curiosity sake, millennials drive the “many-moon” trend of small vacations spread out over different regions.

Picking up on this growing travel style, QT Hotels in Australia designed a quick-hit list of accommodation and destination options for any of the many “moons.”

Gold Coast

Waves on The Gold Coast

Waves on The Gold Coast © Jukka Heinovirta |

With a Miami-meets-Hawai’i vibe, the Gold Coast is the beachside stay honeymoons are made of. With a rising art-scene, incredible views, surfing and dining, guests flock to the Gold Coast for beach days and city nights. Explore Springbrook National Park on a hike, taking in the sweeping views of the coastline on this leg of your many “moon.”


Next up, wine country — or close to it. Melbourne’s 70-plus wineries offer rustic fun and culture in a laidback style. Book a tour and hop from vineyard to vineyard taste-testing local vines before dining out on the town and enjoying live entertainment and an eclectic nightlife.


Top off your many “moon” with a Sydney stay. Visit the vibrant city, brimming with great dining options, cultural attractions and chic style — all along the picturesque harbor. Head to Bondi Beach for the quintessential Aussie experience or take a dip in the swanky hotel pool. Enjoy the privacy of your high-end apartment stay and enjoy luxury service.

No matter how long or short the trip, make it memorable. Choose a destination, explore by mapping the top spots to visit while moving from hotel to hotel and making mini trips out of the honeymoon. Check in with the locals and get more out of your vacation.